Executive Keyboard - Introduction

Executive Keyboard in Perspex and Stainless-Steel

USB keyboard with PC-Mac UK key-tops.

This version shows a UK PC-Mac Maltron letter layout with secondary Qwerty in lowercase.
Qwerty primary layouts are also available.

Executive keyboard - CAD rendered views.

New Production Version - CAD Images

Note: The top and sides are shown as smoked Perspex for clarity as the clear Perspex does not show well in the rendered images. Production keyboards use clear Perspex.

From initial concept to prototype to production extensive use was made of computer modelling for form and function. The model incorporates individually profiled key tops and simplified key switch modules for each key position and (at time of doing the design) even on a fast PC the perspective view above takes about ten minutes to render in Lightworks.

The use of CAD design has allowed us to transfer design data directly to the metalwork and Perspex suppliers and ensures that all the parts fit together accurately and consistently.

The Production Keyboard

Letter layouts for the executive keyboard.

(With diagrams)

Line drawings of the production executive keyboard.

(Top, front, side and base perspective views.)

How an Executive Keyboard is assembled.

(Diagram and pictures of the stages in assembling the keyboard.)

"Developing the Concept"

Follow this link to see pictures of the prototype executive keyboard.

Follow this link for more on the development of the prototype executive keyboard.

Why did I develop a new Maltron Keyboard?

The biggest improvement in keyboard operation is to change from a flat Qwerty keyboard to a 3D fully ergonomic Maltron keyboard as this reduces stresses on fingers, wrists, and arms as well as improving posture. By making this change around 2000 people are back at productive work, freed from keyboard related pain, who would otherwise be on medical disability and need Social Support

The perception often encountered with the Maltron ergonomic 3D keyboard is that because it looks so different it would be difficult to use. This reaction stops many people who need it from obtaining substantial benefit.

The new 2D Executive model offers most of the Maltron design advantages in a more familiar shape and is at the same time smart and appealing.

Featuring proven Maltron concepts developed over many years the Executive keyboard has:

  • A split letter layout to remove damaging wrist abduction and relaxes shoulder muscles.

  • Straight finger key columns and the thumb groups which reduce both hand and finger movement and fatigue.

  • The central number group is now equally accessible to both Left and Right handed operators.



  • Materials:
      Body: Stainless steel and Perspex.
      Key-tops: Polycarbonate.

  • Dimensions: (W) 490 x (D) 265 x (H) 43 mm

  • Weight: 3.1 Kgs / 7 lbs.

  • Interface: Native USB

British Design Registration No: GB 3007667

Flat Keyboard concept and design by Susan Parker MIEE.

Email: susan@susan-parker.com

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Copyright 1975-2010 Susan Parker (unless otherwise credited).