Executive Keyboard - Assembly

Assembling an Executive Keyboard

This page show how the various components are assembled to produce an Executive keyboard

Executive exploded view.

How it all goes together.

This sequence of photographs show the assembly steps in manufacturing an Executive keyboard.

Blank keyplate

Punched key-plate.

The stainless steel key-plate (shown here without it's protective film) is the first component in the assembly sequence.

112 Cherry MX key-modules.

112 Cherry MX key-modules are then fitted (by hand) into the key-plate.

Key-plate with key-modules.

The protective film is left on until final assembly to keep everything nice and shiny.

Underside of key-plate showing key-module wiring.

The key-modules are then wired up in an XY matrix. Discrete wiring rather than a dedicated PCB is used as this allows complete customisation of the keyboard's switch arrangement.

Although labour intensive this wiring method has been used by PCD Maltron since it's first keyboards over twenty five years ago and has proven to be very reliable.

Base with Perspex sides and feet, USB controller and hardware.

The stainless steel base has it's protective film removed and the controller, cable and feet are fitted.

Perspex top.

The Perspex top has protective films on both sides. The underside white protective film is removed prior to final assembly.

Assembled keyboard with UK key-tops.

The assembled keyboard ready for testing.

The Perspex top retains it's transparent protective film which will be removed by the user.

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