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Northwestern Pacific RR Locomotive # 136 

Northwestern Pacific RR Historical Society

Northwestern Pacific Railroad - "The Redwood Empire Route!" - Northern California, USA.

Engine 136 on Train 1 along the Eel River, 1914.
Stindt Collection.

The Project

NWP136 is a North American 4-6-0 "Ten Wheeler" live steam locomotive, based on the 1914 ALCO prototype, class 460-180.

NWP136 Project Pages:

First Steps

The following images show:

  1. Original image as scanned from Stindt's book "The Northwestern Pacific Railroad, Vol 1" (c. 5700x1500 pixels).
  2. Reference image from which the major measurements for the general view drawing was defined. From the previous image that has been perspective corrected and filtered (to reduce the print screening) using PhotoShop. Note that the correction holds good only for the vertical plane at the wheels.
  3. General View drawing - October 2000, (with some "place holders" e.g. tender trucks).
    Notes: 1 - Headlamp and other details are as per working NWP locomotive (see Stindt) rather than ALCO's configuration. 2 - This drawing was made before I obtained the general arrangement drawings and builder's information.
  4. General View drawing - Updated February 2002.

Please Note: The above images are 900 pixels wide as below this resolution the line drawing details become unreadable.

General Arrangement Drawings.

I have been fortunate to get the following two GA drawings from the NWPRRHS archives:

Locomotive #136

Locomotive General Arrangement Drawing.

Tender #175

Tender General Arrangement Drawing.

Information from Builders Photo Paster for NWP#136 - S1042

  • Gauge of Track: 4' 8"
  • Cylinders: Dia 20", Stroke 28"
  • Driving Wheel Diameter: 63"
  • Boiler: Dia 66", Pressure 200 psi
  • Fire Box: Length 108", Width 38"
  • Tubes: Number 314, Dia 2", Length 15'-0"
  • Wheel Base: Driving 14'-10", Engine 25'-11", Engine and Tender 55'-11"
  • Weight (lbs): Engine 180000 (Leading 44500, Driving 135500)
  • Weight (lbs): Tender 141800(Full), 60000(Empty)
  • Fuel: Crude Oil (Bunker C)
  • Maximum Tractive Power: 30200 lbs
  • Factor of Adhesion: 4.48
  • Tender Capacity: Water 7000 Gals (58300 lbs), Fuel 2940 Gals (23500 lbs)

NWP136's Sister Locomotives

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