Zeus Power Amplifier


Temperature compensated Bias from constant current source.

Temperature compensated V-Bias Circuit.

  • IC1 is STMicroelectronics L200 (note max 40 volts for V-IN).

  • S1 is temperature switch mounted on heatsink.

  • Mount IC1 and X1 on heatsink next to output devices.

V-Bias from a fixed voltage regulator.

V-Bias Circuit.

  • Note max 35 volts for V-IN (use zener with series resistor to pre-regulate higher voltages).

  • Use a 10 or 25 turn 10K trimmer for VR1.

  • Depending on voltage regulator used additional components may be required.

  • Mount on heatsink next to output devices.

  • Set to approximately 250 mV across a transformer primary. Adjust with care!

Representative General Circuit.

  • Note max 45 volts for IRFP150 / IRFP140 to allow for line variations.

  • Note 6A fuse after C1.

This is the only part of the amplifier that has potentially lethal voltages. Please take care when assembling and ensure that all live mains connections are covered so that they cannot be accidentally touched by hand or with a tool.

The power supply may be built into a separate enclosure.

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