The Art of Sound Reproduction.

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The Art of Sound Reproduction



Please see my Audiophonics website for most recent information. These pages remain as I transfer and update the contents and will be consolidated to link across to my Audiophonics website.

My audio designs developed between 1992 and 1996 which include Sphere Speakers, a separate Bass Speaker and the Zeus Audio Amplifier.

Zeus Amplifier Schematic - 1994

Original design schematic - please see the Zeus pages for further information.

Audition of the Zeus      Post #570

A friend and I were lucky enough just over a week ago to get to audition Susan's Zeus amplifier along with the rest of her system and I have to say we were pretty impressed with what we heard ...

Susan explained that the system did not have any esoteric, hi end, expensive components - just stuff that she happened to have at the time when she built the system.

Of course, it is always difficult to know what is contributing what in an unfamiliar system but the overall sound cannot be better that the weakest link and overall sound was VERY good.

Over the last 5 years or so I have listened to quite a few home systems of different friends. Many DIY, some bought. I have also auditioned some very expensive stuff at dealers and attended a couple of hi-fi shows.

Susan's system seemed to combine good balance of detail, clarity and dynamics along with a lovely fluidity that made it really easy to listen to. I regard this combination as very rare. The sound was also quite big and effortless.

I have heard beautiful sounding systems that sounded somewhat compressed. I have heard very detailed systems that sound somehow too analytical or dry or rough. Then there are systems that sound nice and soft but lack detail.

For me, Susan's system had a special combination of fluidity, detail and dynamics that I regard as the best I have heard to date. ( not bad considering some of the systems mentioned above cost 50,000+ ).

I will be ordering my transformers soon and I am really looking forward to hearing a zeus amp in my system ( although realistically I think it will be mid January before this is realised ).

Mikelm - 7th December 2004

(Reproduced with permission.)

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